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Happy Birthday to meee :)

Anonymous: im pretty sure i have a huge crush on you 

That’s adorable haha, thank you :) *blush*

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mylittleshittyblog: 196,187,184,179,165,159, 4 and 3 :P 

196: My eye colour is:
My eye colour is hazel- a thin line of brown on the outside, and then a greeny blue in the middle :)

187: My pet:
I have a cat, a dog and some baby chicks :3

184: Xbox or PS3?
Xbox wins every time

179: Spongebob can…
Piss off- Squidward is where it’s at!

165: Aliens…
Could exist

159: Ghosts…
I think spirits can be real but not necessarily ‘ghosts’

4: Talk show host:
It’s got to be Ellen ;)

3: Comedian:
Michael McIntyre, Miranda, Russell Brand and Bill Bailey 

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"I get very attached to the weapons and armor my character uses.  Even though I know there is better armor available, I just can’t take off my Thieves Guild armor or Volsung mask, or stop using my Glass Bow of Lightning.  They define my character."
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